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In 1954, AGC Plibrico was established as the first monolithic refractory manufacturer in Japan. Since then, our company has contributed to offer customer’s business solutions through Production, Development, and Sales of monolithic refractories.

On the other hand, our business model is based on EPPC solutions: Engineering design of furnaces walls, Production of monolithic refractories, Procurement of miscellaneous refractory materials and Construction of the furnaces.

To achieve these goals, all managers and employees within AGC Plibrico act responsibly and make a united effort to constantly follow customer’s satisfaction via 2 management practices.

We intend to pursue『excellent work quality』.
Through development of high-grade refractory products and continual enhancement of our level of services, we achieve customer satisfaction and gain customers’ trust. Of course, we still need to make further efforts on taking initiative to “change our working style” in solving our customers’ problems and determining the cause and prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

We intends to pursue『maximize the value of our products services and solutions』.
We receive money as a compensation for the value of our products services and solutions we offer. In consideration of customer expectations, we shall continually engage in mutual development by maximizing our business value. This business value is expressed by our continual contribution to our customers’ business solutions.



Jan, 2018
AGC Plibrico Co., Ltd.
President and CEO
Satoshi Sakamoto