Easy-to-Install, High-Strength, Self-Flow Castable Refractories

PLIFLOW(R) develops high flowability with less water than ordinary castable refractories and can be poured easily without applying external force to the formwork or without rodding.
It demonstrates high strength from low to high temperature range, and is therefore ideal for areas requiring resistances to abrasion and spalling.
For installations in a U-shaped formwork as below, just pour the material from one side and it will fill up evenly to the other side.

Pouring demonstration of PLIFLOW castable refractories

1.start pouring
1.start pouring
PLIFLOW is poured into the formwork. progress progress
Smooth flow of the material.
3.finish pouring
3.finish pouring
PLIFLOW is filled up evenly into the formwork.