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  • Our company manages appropriately personal information written down in inquiry form according to Our privacy policy.
  • Other than reply to inquiry, and purpose of sending claim for data, we do not use personal information written down in inquiry form.Provided that, when consented from customer, it may be allowed to use for AGC group's goods, service, and offer of pertinent information.
  • It may be indicated at external outsourcing place to the extent required on execution of business.In this case, our company performs agreement about external outsourcing place and handling of personal information, and strives to take all possible measures against private information proctection.
  • about any confirmation, question, and revision, on the offered personal information, please ask by using the following form.
  • In case we are allowed, we may check details by telephone depending on the contents of inquiry or reference document may be sent in addition, please also register into sysytem the Address and telephone number besides name and mail address.

Attention matter

  • Provision of mark serves as indispensable input.
  • Response about information which customer registered, will be provided directly from appropriate division of our company.Provided that, since response may be directly given from the group companyconcerned after offering information register into sysytemmed from our company to the group company concerned for appropriate response in inquiry about group company of our company, please register intosysytem after consent beforehand.
  • On every Saturday, Sunday and public holiday, and Golden Week (April 29 to May 5) and year-ends-and-New-Year-holidays leave (December 29 to January 4) --we will respond from next working day or subsequent ones .

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