Company Profile

Company Profile

Company Name AGC Plibrico Co.,Ltd.
Paid-up Capital JPY 360,000,000
Number of Employees Approximately 200
Major Shareholder AGC CERAMICS CO., LTD.
Established June 21, 1954
Major Banks Mizuho Bank, MUFG Bank, Ltd.

Board Members

President & CEO      Motohiko Ishibashi
Director Tomohiro Yamamura
Director Shin Nakano
Director Katsuyuki Shiizuka
Director Masaru Ota
Director Yoshiharu Goto
Director Ryota Tejima
Auditor Tsukasa Hirabayashi

Company History

1954 Japan Refractory Co., Ltd was established as the first manufacturer specialized in monolithic. refractories in Japan.
1960 Renamed to Plibrico Japan Co., Ltd.
1963 Started production, distribution, design and installation of Plibrico incinerator lines.
1972 Developed controlled air burning incinerator (named CAB).
1976 Developed compact size batch type incinerator (named RB).
1976 Started distribution of gunning machines and related machines.
1977 Developed a series of ultra-high strength castable refractories (Super HyMOR).
1979 Started distribution of aluminum melting furnaces(PLIAMF).
1979 Published "Technology of Monolithic Refractories-History of Plibrico" in Japanese, technical literature on refractories, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the company.
1984 Developed the world's first gunning method of plastic refractories (HyRATE® Method).
1984 Published refractories technical books, "Technology of Monolithic Refractories" in English version.
1985 Developed anchors for thin abrasion-resistant linings (TACKO® -ANCHOR).
1990 Renamed to Cookson Plibrico Co., Ltd..
1991 Joined the ASAHI GLASS Group.
1994 Developed wet castable gunning method (PET® Method).
Developed remote-control refractory gunning machines for blast furnace (PEPI-B) and flue gas stack (PEPI-S).
Published "Technology of Monolithic Refractories" (Second Edition) in Japanese.
1995 Developed free flow castable refractories (PLIFLOW®).
1997 Developed compact size gunning system of plastic refractories (MIC).
1999 Obtained ISO 9001 certification.
Published refractories technical books, "Technology of Monolithic Refractories" (Second Edition) in English version.
2000 Developed a large output gunning machine "Need Gun® 2000".
Co-developed small quantity wet castable gunning method (Clean Hitter Method) with ASAHI GLASS Co.,Ltd.
2003 Developed an advanced castable pre-moistening machine, PLIMATE® II.
2005 Obtained ISO 14001 certification.
2006 Joined Plibrico (Dalian) Industries Co., Ltd. as the consolidated company.
Developed a recycled castable continuous mixture gunning unit "VR Unit".
2007 Developed a batch type gunning machine, "Q-Gun 500".
2010 Developed a castable for pumping(PECO® series).
2011 Developed in collaboration with AGCC Thermal insulation and high-heat-resistant ceramic furnace material THERMOTECT® series.
*Accreditated as excellent small incinerator of The Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufactures.
2012 Renamed to AGC Plibrico Co.,Ltd.
 2013 Renamed Plibrico (Dalian) Industries Co., Ltd. to AGC Plibrico (Dalian) Industies Co., Ltd.
Developed High Strength Gunning Method.
 2015 Published "Technology of Monolithic Refractories" (Third Edition) in Japanese.
 2016  won the 2016 Energy Conservation Grand Prize (Product and Business model category).
 2019 We renamed monolithic refractory product brands to THERVEK from July 2019.
*Brand or product names in this page are trademarks or registered trademarks of AGC Plibrico Co., Ltd.

aluminum melting furnaces (PLIAMF(R))
aluminum melting furnaces (PLIAMF)