Privacy policy

We, AGC Plibrico Co., Ltd.(hereafter called our company), swear that in accordance with and based on "privacy policy" of our company, we will observe laws and regulations about private information proctection and treat on service of personal information with careful attention, and we strives for establishing reliance to our company, meeting with expectation.

Our company recognizes that the appropriate care and protection on personal information such as the name of all party having relation with our service, customer and business-connections person, address, telephone number, etc. which identifies individual,(hereafter called "personal information" ) is very important.

Our company enacts the following primary policies, in order to always recognize social responsibility, to observe laws and regulations about care of privacy, and personal information, etc. in performing business activities.

  1. Our company, in the acquisition of personal information, put limit on the purpose of usage as much as possible, and obtain the same information by lawful and fair means.
  2. Within the limits of utilization object, our company limits acquired personal information to scope required for service, and uses it. When personal information needs to be used across this scope, except for case where it is allowed by laws and regulations, consent of information subject (The subjected personal of the information) shall be acquired about that use.
  3. In dealing with personal information, our company places management representative, and it strives for appropriate control so that unlawful access to personal information, loss of personal information, alteration, disclosure, etc. may not occur.
  4. Our company does not provide the third party with personal information except for case where it is allowed by laws and regulations, when consent of information subject is acquired. And, in providing the third party with personal information, a duty of control of personal information is imposed by contract etc., and it strives for prevention of disclosure from the third party, and re-offer etc.
  5. Our company corresponds promptly in the reasonable scope, when indication, correction, addition, or deletion is expected by information subject about his/her personal information.
  6. Our company improves measure in the above-mentioned provision continuously, and strives for the improvement while it observes various laws and regulations about care of personal information, rule, etc.
  7. By making this policy fully understood among board member, employee (part-time-engagement member, temporary staffing member, etc. are included), and staffs of our company, every person recognizes that importance and our company strives for production of climate to perform.

About service of personal information

  • Our company manages appropriately personal information written down in inquiry form according to our privacy policy.
  • Other than reply to inquiry, and purpose of sending claim data, I do not use personal information written down in inquiry form.
    Provided that, when it is consented from customer, it occurs that we are allowed to use for AGC group's goods, service, and offer of pertinent information.
  • It may be indicated at external outsourcing place in the scope considered to be required on execution of service.
    In this case, our company performs agreement about external outsourcing place and service of personal information, and strives to take all possible measures against private information proctection.
  • About confirmation on offered personal information, question, and revision, please contact us, using inquiry form.
  • Since we may be allowed to check details by telephone depending on the information of inquiry or that reference document may be sent in addition, please also enter the address and telephone number besides name and mail address.
  • Our company manages appropriately personal information entered into "inquiry page" according to our privacy policy.

About use of Cookie (Cookie)

Although "Cookie" may be used in a part of services in Web site of our company,
it is used in order to provide better service of statistical work of access information, etc., and privacy or utilizing environment of users, is not affected.
And, information disclosure of the person which has accessed in what kind of case, is in no way carried out in the state of being individually discriminable.
* Cookie (Cookie): It is technology in which Web server identifies customer's computer.

About access log

In Web site of our company, information on accessed person is recorded in form of access log.
Access logs containes IP address and web browser, kind of OS, access date, etc. as records, which are not used for coordination with personal information.
In this access log, since anybody cannot identify customer's "personal information", please feel safe.

About care of personal information in linking destination

Link to Web sites other than our company and each group company of our company may be included in Web site of our company.
Our company cannot take any responsibility for care and contents of personal information in Web sites other than our company and each group company of our company.


  • In case of personal information which we keep from our customer are different from the fact or any third party's information is registered, we shall be free from any responsibility for any inconveniency, damages arising on customer.
  • We shall be freee from any responsibility for protection or treatment of personal information on the other website linked to our website.

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