Innovative Anchoring System for Thin Linigs TACKO(R) ANCHOR

TACKO Anchor is a metal support that can tightly fit thin linings to the steel shell.
Conventional thin linings customarily used hexmesh as its support, but the hexmesh requires cutting and rolling before the installation, and the welding operations to the shell is quite demanding.

Also, hexmesh is vulnerable to deformation and distortion due to its thermal expansion when used under high temperature, which result in damage of refractory lining.
The TACKO Anchor System was developed as an anchoring system that can support the lining securely and tightly and eliminate the disadvantages encountered with the conventional hexmesh support.

advantages of TACKO Anchor System

The TACKO Anchor System offers following advantages to the conventional hexmesh application.

  TACKO Anchor Hex mesh
Cutting / roll credit Needlessness Required
Cutting plane processing loss Nothing 20~30% of construction area
Welding attachment work Easy Complicated
The amount of welding About of hex mesh 1/3 A lot
Attachment to a mirror part Easy difficult
Attachment to the pipe external surface Easy Meshes of a net change
Carrying-in work at the time of work Easy difficult
Partial repair Easy difficult

TACKO Anchor Dual-Lining System

Dual-linings consisting of insulation castable and abrasion-resistant castable are built up by combined use of stud bolts and dual-lining TACKO Anchors.
Installation time can be drastically shortened compared to the conventional hexmesh dual-lining structure for the advantage that the abrasion-resistant castable can be applied just after screwing TACKO Anchors to the studs.

TACKO Anchor Dual-Lining System TACKO Anchor Dual-Lining System

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